Using Multiple IP Addresses on IIS 7

by Yunhao Zhang 23. February 2012 04:58

Sometime you need all your web sites listening on port 80 on a single IIS server. This can be done by adding multiple (local) IP addresses to the network card from the control panel and then binding a web site to the new IP address. However, if you try to browse the new web site, you will get either an HTTP 500 error or an HTTP 400 - invalid hostname error. This is because the core HTTP service doesnot listen on the new IP address and port combination. To solve the problem, you need to run the following command from a command line:

  netsh http add iplisten

where is the new IP address. The HTTP service should be restarted after the command.

  net stop http

and then
  net start http

The World Web Publishing Service may also need to be restarted as stoping http also stops www services.  When an IP is on in the iplisten list, an error might be generated in the system log:

"The World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) did not register the URL prefix for site 3. The site has been disabled. The data field contains the error number."




Welcome Yunhao Zhang's Blog

by Yunhao Zhang 11. February 2012 05:00

Long long time ago back in year 2001, I created a tool on to ping, notifying changes in a web log url. But I did not start bloging until 11 year later - 2012. You have just arrived to my first blog page.

During the last decade, I worked as  a scientist, an author and a developer for the US Environmental Protection Agency under an R/D contract. My main focus was to lay down technical foundations for a nation-wide information exchange network ( ), which allows 50 states, as well as industries, to exchange environmental information with EPA. Some of the key technical documents I authored including:

  • Exchange Network Protocol  version 1 and 2
  • Node Functional Specifications version 1 and 2
  • Network Security Specifications version 1 and 2
  • Network Authentication and Authorization Services (NAAS) versoin 1 and 2
  • Exchange Network Discovery Service (ENDS) technical specification version 2

Being able to exchange arbitrary information with 50 state partners where each has different computing infrastructure, various database systems (RDBMS) and disparate data schema defintions was considered technically Mission Impossible. It truly took tremendous colabration from all parties to build such a world class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) system, perhaps the largest web service network on the planet.


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